Thye Fishing Village situated 340km north of Kuala Lumpur and it is known as a Barramundi safari filled with Barramundi, Milkfish, Ladyfish, Tarpon, Grouper and Snappers. This saltwater fishing pond is situated in a private village away from city hassle and a great place to put aside our daily routine and focused entire our mind in enjoying a day of fishing. Thye Fishing Village offers chalet, dining and fishing experience at one single location.

Barramundi’s native waters span from Northern Australia up to Southeast Asia and all the way west to the coastal waters of India and Sri Lanka. Barramundi is known by many around the world as Asian Seabass, although its Scientific common name is Barramundi Perch. Some of the other names its called include: Giant Perch, Palmer, Cockup, Bekti, Nairfish, Silver Barramundi and Australian Seabass.


Casting, Bottom Fishing and Fly Fishing


Each fishing session is a 2 day trip with 1 night stay at Thye Fishing Village. Opens from Mon-Sun.

*night stay at Thye Fishing Village is subject to chalet availability

  • Barramundi fishing Guided by local anglers and Guides.

  • Other services such as Equipment Rental and Transportation can be arranged.
  • Fresh Fish Bait and Live Fish as bait is included in this package.
  • Hard Body Lures and Soft Plastic Lures are not included, please consult with us for the best recommendation.

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