FISHYOLOGY.COM | OUR HISTORY were founded in Aug 31 2012 and started off as a personal angling blog. The whole idea were focused in sharing the knowledge and experience over places that we have personally been fishing. It all started with just 1 post per month and then the frequency increases to at least twice a month. Currently in our archive we have more than 100 posts and our blog has been read 4000 times a month. Utilizing an even better responsive website on top of state of the art infrastructure Fishyology now has catered close to 90000 readers over the course of 3 Years.

We build a strong foundation to further enhance our content, writing and exposure. 2016 Fishyology’s has taken a great leap forward in enhancing our appearance and content. We migrated from blogspot to Emerain cloud-based web platform that utilizes the latest technology and Search Engine Optimization to become Malaysia’s No 1 angling blog. Not only we have created a base reader as our strong foundation but we always strive to create great content that are suitable and specific to local angling scene. We ensure our readers that they will relive our journey when they read our blog post. We are dedicated, committed and competitive in bringing the best content to our readers. The whole foundation that we build over the past 4 years has made us ready for another big leap in 2016 and beyond.

Relive Our Journey

Our core fundamental in content development was to ensure our readers are able to relive our journey as each post would bring new excitement and knowledge that area shared across media and anglers

Fishyology Insignia

Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power. It implies to our Fishyologist to make the difference in the Angling scene. We are the Dark Horse of the Angling Society.

Anglers Flag

The Anglers flag was design with two colors, white and pure blue. Pure blue resembles water which is an important element in angling or fishing, a symbol of tranquility, confidence, intelligence and perseverance. White color stretches from the right vertices to the left vertices is a symbol of an angler that resembles integrity, cleanliness, external and internal strength as well as mental and physical strength.