FC Factory performs well when anglers apply fast jigging technique!

Perhentian Island, Terengganu – 11 Feb 2018

When we go out fishing, we always plan to head out during the best possible time. Especially during this early part of the east coast monsoon season. 3 months earlier I had a guy wanted to go out fishing over Perhentian Islands during Feb. At first it was a bit tricky to predict that which moment in time that the wind was going to ease off a bit. When I look at windy,  a week before the schedule date range, it was from 10-14 Feb 2018. It always points out that weather was going to be on our side on the 11th. I decided on Fri that we are going on the 11th, and my client agree.

I take it easy on Saturday, drive out to Kuala Besut, Terengganu from KL at 4.00pm. 3 hours down the road I was already in Kuantan, Pahang. Feeling a bit excited that my client came here for his fishing trip at the best possible moment. I sense luck was high this weekend. I had all the tactic and technique figured out, all setup ready to go. All the sudden I had a phone call from client. Probably asking where am I and excited to head out to sea tomorrow. When I pickup the call, it was not what I expected. He was not happy as apparently he went out fishing with some local fisherman and he skunked the whole day. Basically he started to question my expertise in fishing, questioning the quality of Fishyology Charters and Tours services and accuse me in lying about the good fishing condition in Perhentian Island. I was a little bit pissed off by his remarks but I am professional. I answered all the question accordingly and for the sake of not wanting to quarral this any longer, I told that he can cancelled the trip. Which eventually he did.

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I called Muin and explain to him what had happened. He told me to come down and a go fishing tomorrow. I hesitated but after giving some deep thought, might as well I completed the mission. Took me another 3 hours to reach Kuala Besut. Had my late dinner before head to Muin’s house. I was a little bit disappointed not because he cancelled the trip. It was more on how he reacted stating that the offer fishing here was too good to be true. Its like we are not able to offer him a good service and such service don’t exist out here in Asia. I’m offended.

Anyway, we head out to sea as early as possible. I still felt bad for the team. I was not really in the mood to talk with the guys because I know they were not happy with me. I keep it cool and trying to take it positive today. As we head out close to 60km offshore, the sea condition was perfect. The monsoon died off completely, the current was subtle for some good jigging. We will be fishing off “FADS” or Unjam today. Hoping to score some good Tenggiri or Barred Mackerel. It didn’t took at all, first drift we had 3 hook up and landed 2. Sweet! I was already quite happy landing a 14lb Tenggiri. All I did was dropping it all the way down to the bottom and jig it as fast as I can’t. Boom! First fish of the day!

First drift,3 strike 2 landed. My man its Tenggiri Bro!! Captain Zie and Me!

I’m starting to feel good about myself and the team. Aligned for another drift and again, triple hook up and landed all fish! I thought, this is the day. Once in a while you will get a great day of fishing that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is that moment. We stayed on for few more drift and first 1 hour we landed 7 Tenggiri. Out of this world! The best of what Perhentian Island, Terengganu has to offer.

Captain Zie is great captain, young and passionate about fishing!
Tok Bomoh and his first Tenggiri of the day. Jiggin all the way!

On to the next spot, 70km offshore. We had a great start to the morning. Filling happy already but the battle must go on in Perhentian Island, Terengganu. It is payback time. We came across another spot and continue on fast jigging for Mackerel. I missed about two fish out here in the second spot. They were just so fast picking up silvery metal jig, mistaken for bait-fish. Tok Bomoh was on fire on the second spot, scoring about 5 good size barred mackerel. Muin was just starting to ink his score card with his first fish of the day. Another 16lb Tenggiri. We can clearly see bait balls are on the surface and constantly being hammered by unknown predator.

Muin catching up with his first kill of the day!
On fire at the second spot! 5 In a row for Tok Bomoh!

It is exciting to watch. Basically now the predator is being hunted. We actually cast out towards the bait-ball. We need to guess how deep should we let the jig sinks and as soon we are confident that it is in the right depth, he jigged it as fast as possible. Definitely a predatory fish will snatch it. To set the hook we need to be quick to respond to any tap to the jig. If it didn’t connect, continue to retrieve as fast as possible. Sometimes they will turn back and snatch it again. Most of the time, it will bit off the line. Muin was very lucky this morning as all 3 tenggiri that he caught in our second spot was all during the drop. Mathematically it is not possible to score a hat-trick on a Tenggiri, during the drop. Today was crazy!

Another good size Tenggiri for Khairul Muin. Kaido ProZ are really good!
All are good size Tenggiri! Again fallen for the Kaido ProZ 60g metal jig.

15 Tenggiri by 11.00am Haha! This is unreal. We keep our heads down, and fish on!. Moving to the third spot, it was all quite. We had no activity on the surface. We moved further out 7km to our third spot. We knew there is another boat fishing today and finally we caught them 75km offshore. They were serious local fisherman with proper gears (stella and all). It has been few hours since my last fish. We drifted alo